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2017 International Rally at Wellesley Island State Park Survey needs response soon



Alan Asselstine

Apr 25 (7 days ago)


 Ahoy all North American Wayfarer and CL-16 sailors:

 Wayfarers around the world get together each year for a week of day sailing, camping and socializing, at an International Wayfarer Cruise Rally.  In 2017, the United States Wayfarer Association ( USWA) will be hosting the International Rally with support from the Canadian Wayfarer Association (CWA).   Previously, the International Rally was held in conjunction with North American Rally, that, in 2017, is scheduled for Hermit Island.  However, Ralph Roberts, the international cruise director, has asked that the 2017 International Rally be held at Wellesley Island State Park (WISP), as there has never been an International Rally at WISP.  New and different rally locations tend to attract more interest and participation.  Therefore, the USWA and the CWA will be holding the 2017 International Rally from July 15 to July 22 at WISP.  The 2018 North American Rally will be held at Hermit Island.  


Under new park rules, we can book a group of quality, continuous campsites in the preferred Eagle loop ( where we camped in 2015).  However,  we need to book and pay for at least 15 campsites at WISP by July 10, 2016.  The premium waterfront lots will cost Non-New York State residents $241.00 USD for the week.  Non-waterfront sites cost less and New York State residents pay less.  The $12/day dock fee can be paid at the park on arrival. Rally participants can book campsites later but they may not be with the group.  In addition, we need to identify North American Wayfarers willing to host International visitors on their campsite and on their Wayfarer.  Hosts will have to provide some camping and sailing gear for their guests.  We may also need some loaner Wayfarers for our visitors.  


To help your associations organize the 2017 International Rally, could you fill in and return the following survey.   Simply reply all and fill in yes or no in the ‘Yes or No ‘ column.  Alternatively, you can email Chip Cunningham ( chip.cdcunningham@gmail.com) with your answers.


Your answers of yes or no are intentions.  However, there is a cash commitment for those booking campsite by July 10, 2016.  We will get back to you with details of cost and how to pay for your campsite.




Yes or No


Will you participate in the International 2017 Rally at Wellesley Island?



Will you book and pay for a campsite by July 10,2016?



Will you host European sailors on your campsite?



Will you have room for European sailors on your boat?



Can you loan a Wayfarer to our visitors?



Do you want to be on the WISP2017 International Rally email list?




OK. Let’s try something else….


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